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This Internet Noticing Primer was designed to provide judges and attorneys a way to examine the benefits of integrating the latest industry-standard online advertising and consumer outreach technologies into a comprehensive, targeted and cost-effective class-noticing strategy.

The primer will also discuss i-Noticing, a proprietary concept designed to maximize the reach of any notice program, and the frequency which the notice is displayed to unnamed class members in class action litigation.

In today's world of connected customers, getting information in front of the masses requires proper use of the internet to access the most influential online social realms, and now Due Process requires it.

Green Class Notice provides consulting services to both attorneys and corporations involved in class action litigation.

GCN’s primary function is the development and delivery of “green” (i.e., electronic) notice programs designed to deliver notice of pending class actions and settlements through multiple internet channels.

Using innovative technology and proprietary methodologies, GCN’s notice programs are designed to meet and exceed all necessary “due process” requirements associated with class notice, at a fraction of the cost of traditional “print” notice.

The founder of GCN, Chris Guerriero, says it is widely known and accepted that corporate America uses the internet to “get their message out” to consumers through online press releases, strategically-placed internet advertisements, and the affirmative creation of a “social buzz” in online communities.

Accordingly, Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 23(a)’s requirement of “best practicable notice under the circumstances” can only be fully met, in today’s day and age, with a strategic green notice plan as part of any notice program.

The recent objection of 21 Attorneys General to the Rivera v. Bio-Engineered settlement underscores that point by criticizing the Parties' "publication only" notice plan: “When BSN wants to get a message out, it uses its website, it advertises on the internet, and there is no reason it should not do so for [providing notice of the settlement of] this lawsuit.”


TDA (Total Demographic Analysis)
MMC (Mico-Media Commercials)
SMM (Social Media Management)
OPC (Online Print Coverage)
C3 Web Seminars
Web-Media Placements
Strategic Web Design
Strategic Web Analysis

CIA (Class-Action Instant Alert)

"The {Green Class Notice} notice plan... constitutes the best notice practicable under the circumstances and shall constitute due and sufficient notice to the Settlement Class of the pendency of the Action, certification of the Settlement Class for settlement purposes only, the terms of the Settlement Agreement, and the Final Approval Hearing, and satisfies the equipments of California law and federal due process of law."

- Judge Michael C. Solner
In re Final Approval Order And Judgment
Class Action, E.T. Browne Drug Co, Inc
(Case No. BC411117)

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