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Reaching Class Members Through Social Media

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Social media has always been an integral part of the Internet, but has grown at a phenomenal rate over the past few years. In fact, over the past year alone – Americans have almost tripled the amount of time spent on social networking and blog sites (see the new report from The Nielson Company Social Networking and Blog Sites Capture More Internet Time and Advertising | Nielsen Wire).

With this dramatic increase in social networking, it only makes sense to properly use this media as a source of fulfilling due process by placing class action Notice ads in the same places where both – the class members are congregating, and where large companies are advertising.

Locating Class Members

With sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, just to name a few, it is possible to locate large groups of people who are currently chatting about any given subject.  New social sites are popping up all the time.  The top 20 most popular sites as of March 2010 are listed on Top 20 Most Popular Social Networking Websites.  Each of these sites provide a good starting point in terms of locating target audiences.

Monitor the Chatter

Social media allows you to track conversations on just about any subject.  You can find out what is being said, and who is saying it.  And by studying this data you can determine trends in conversations, which allow you to better target class action notices so the courts are assured that no less than 80% of the potential class members have seen the settlement notice.

Manage the Information

Once you can see where potential class members are chatting online, and you study their chats and the sites they congregate on, it’s becomes clear where you need to place the class action notice, allowing more members to have the option of either participating in, or opting out of, a class action settlement.

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