Print Noticing vs. i-Noticing For Today’s Class Action Suits

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“Print Noticing vs. i-Noticing For Today’s Class Action Suits”
by Chris Guerriero

If you’re a Class Action Notice administrator putting together a Notice plan, or you’re searching for a company like Rust Consulting or Garden City Group to do it for you, then you probably already know how it works…

…most Class Action Notice ads go out in magazines, newspapers, radio and/or TV spots, and only a small fraction of potentially eligible members see those ads. It’s expensive, it’s time consuming, and it’s frustrating when the judge decreases attorney fees because the Notice results were limited.

The reason for this is simple.

We, as people, have changed the way we get information.

Newspaper and magazine readership is at an all-time low. The Pew Research Centre found that only one quarter of Americans actually read a daily paper¹.  In fact, magazine readership has been on a continuous decline since 1992 (see: ‘Effectiveness Of Print Media’ on this blog).

The reason?  People are turning to the internet for fast, free, up-to-date news and information.

Unfortunately, most traditional Class Action Notice plans are still based on a model that worked well 20 years ago, and worked marginally well 10 years, but no longer gets the results necessary for today’s courts. This model relies on an ever decreasing population who still get information from a daily paper or monthly magazine subscription.

Most people just don’t have enough leisure time these days to sit down and read the paper or flip through a magazine, and those who do, are inundated with advertisements. According to Hoovers “50 percent of a typical magazine is devoted to ads” (see:–ID__124–/free-ind-fr-profile-basic.xhtml)

…and big businesses know this – that’s why most large companies have shifted their advertising dollars from Print to the Internet. So why do so many Class Action notices still weigh so heavily on Print ads?

A handful of Class Action Noticing firms have slowly begun to embrace the internet, but most are still stumbling around the web by placing general ads and buying bulk banners which gets them ‘online’, but doesn’t deliver the Targeted Impressions that are really needed for effective Class Action Noticing in the 21st century.

Notice plans which are still based on a “1990’s model” are doomed to fail, simply because the people who need to see the Notices no longer get their information the same way. They’re surfing the internet from home, office, Blackberry, or iPhones.

During the next few years, there’s going to be a major shift in Class Action Noticing plans. A shift that increases the speed of placement. A shift that allows anyone to instantly track and measure every aspect of the Noticing plan in real-time. A shift that make the Class Members feel comfortable when they reach the settlement website.

And most importantly…

A shift that decreases the heavy costs of the old-style media buys.

Attorneys and Administrators who use these tactics (known as iNoticing²) will lead their industry, and will save themselves and their clients money. While those who fail to stay ahead, will struggle.


1. The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press:  Trends in News Consumption
2. iNoticing is a trademark of Green Class Notice, LLC a firm founded and run by Chris Guerriero, a leading author, speaker, and consultant in the internet field (