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At GCN we utilize 22 separate solutions to provide you with complete class action coverage for each case, 9 of which are listed here...

·   TDA (Total Demographic Analysis):  Green Class Notice uses traditional consumer research companies like ComScore, Nielson , and Arbitron, when locating class members, however in today’s world of connected customers – it’s important to have a sharper view of:

·   what the typical class member looks like
·   where they congregate online
·   and what would motivate them to file a claim

For this reason, and to fully comply with the 80% Rule, in addition to acquiring data from consumer research companies, GCN also uses the same targeting technology that major corporations use to understand their customers (so they can position themselves quickly, effectively, and cost-efficiently in front of those customers).

This proprietary targeting analysis, called the TDA, is used for both Legal Noticing and for Corporate America and it updates and filters data from consumer research firms, and also provides discovery on where typical class members are currently congregating and how to best reach them.
·   MMC (Mico-Media Commercials):    

Includes Micro Video and Audio Commercials created,

optimized, and distributed to the top 40+ video sites, social communities, blogs, forums, and podcast directories.  A minimum of 20 of these sites will be specific to our target audience, however all media will also be posted to another 20+ sites with similar but not exact demographics to ensure total saturation.

·   SMM (Social Media Management):

Our social media team scours the internet for references made about each class action settlement, and, first locates existing forums and chat rooms where typical class members are already chatting about the product/company, to alert them of the impending class action case; and second, locates existing forums and chat rooms where typical class members currently congregate in mass numbers, and creates multiple chat ‘threads’ to inform the audience of their rights.

·   OPC (Online Print Coverage):

A 2 step process of generating traffic from Press Releases and Online Articles. 


First, a series of press releases are created using high conversion tactics, making it easy for both online and offline editors to assimilate these releases into their existing publications – the press releases will be released through all our online news distribution channels.  Releases will be live within 24 hours of submission by our expert media writers.


Second, up to 100 short articles (a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 100) will be written, each containing information about the specific class action case, and each posted for over 200,000 online and offline editors to see and use. All articles will be live within 48 hours of being written.

·   Chat Track Alerts us when anyone, anywhere in our demographic, goes online and chats in a Forum, on a Blog, or on a website about the company, or the product, or the Class Action in general. Our staff then watches the chats so we understand what the masses are thinking, which allows us to either modify the notice ads or move our ads to websites where the masses are chatting.
·   C3 Web Seminars:

A web-seminar will be hosted to: educate the target audience; to help them understand their rights in each specific case; and to give them a simple step-by-step system to get involved.

·   Web-Media Placements:

The effectiveness of paid Banner placements, and Pay Per Click has been dropping since 2003, however this is the preferred method currently used by most media buyers, but by accurately tagging certain key websites and keywords, we can save the client money, and improve our ad effectiveness substantially.  A notice ad can include one or more of the following: ‘text’, ‘audio’, or ‘video’ based ads.

·   Instant Response Our system can be set to update us daily or hour-by-hour during a notice plan showing exactly which variation of the notice ad is generating the most traffic and the most claims – allowing us to change the less-effective ads in “Real-Time” (instantly). So, only the most effective notice ads are running – increasing the Reach of the campaign, and saving the client money.
·   Strategic Web Design:

Our Traffic packages will generate a high-yield of targeted visits, however 93% of those who visit a website often ‘click-off’ without taking any kind of action.  Our sites can average a 400% greater response rate once the visitor arrives.  This package includes a socially friendly website created specifically for our target audience, including the colors, shapes, and words which make them feel comfortable participating on the site. Each site utilizes web 2.0 graphics, a video welcome, easy to read website copy, a simple step-by-step Participation Form, and multiple ways to take action (online forms, phone number, email access, and simple FAQ’s tagged with a call-to-action). This system creates a win-win-win environment for the visitor, for the legal team, and for the class action team.

·   Strategic Web Analysis:

By utilizing multiple analytics tactics, we study where each web site visitor comes from.  Doing this gives us the unique ability to visit the site(s) they normally congregate on, and more accurately and ethically penetrate our target audience.

·   CIA (Class-Action Instant Alert): 

A new system which allows class members to get instantly updated on news associated with their class action case.


TDA (Total Demographic Analysis)
MMC (Mico-Media Commercials)
SMM (Social Media Management)
OPC (Online Print Coverage)
Chat Track
C3 Web Seminars
Web-Media Placements
Instant Response
Strategic Web Design
Strategic Web Analysis

CIA (Class-Action Instant Alert)

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